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AVA FX Forex Trading Platform Review

Additionally, Julutrade collaborates with dozens of brokers – and this is better than the one linked to the broker. But reliability is more important to me, especially considering that commissions pay significantly compensation through the number of customers and the revenue from them. And if you do, please come back to me, come back to the comment section, and tell me how are you doing it.

Directly on the photo there is the flag of the trader’s origin country, while under the name are reported the first words of the strategy description directly supplied by the trader himself. Or maybe there xcritical cheating can be a Trader’s communication in which he declare precisely how many trades he opens simultaneously in his strategy. This type of ZuluGuard protection acts on each trade opened by the Signal Provider.

Performance Tab

Read on this review to learn more about the platform, how it works, and whether you should sign up today. Zulutrade is a social trading platform that lets you trade assets like forex, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and stocks by copying the moves of professional traders. xcriticalr is one of the better platforms on the market, as it providers both fundamental and technical analysis data.

zulu trade up program

These are the main segments where traders can trade on the basis of their strategy, and obviously based on the country in which they live. It’s interesting to understand how a trader also behave considering this schedule. This chart is a great way to understand quickly and clearly where a Signal Provider concentrates his activities. As a general rule, to have many open operations at the same time increases the risk, so traders who have high values ​​in this field should be analyzed more carefully.

The Zulutrade Drawdown: how does it really work

Over the years, ZuluTrade has collaborated with many brokers and added several new features to its offering, including the ability to copy CryptoTraders as well as the launch of Combos and Crypto Payments. Above all, on the top left, you can set the time period of simulation, and also change your imaginary balance and your account’s currency, including the leverage you would like to simulate. When a trader rises to the honors of the chronology for the great performances, most of the time also means that the risks incurred to obtain those performances have been high. In fact, with its own drawdown concept, ZuluTrade shows you how much a Signal Provider let his account running in loss, with simultaneously open transactions , running huge risks, sometimes even burning the account.

  • At the top is quite interesting, because they do have a Forex.
  • With that said, social trading platforms aren’t only for beginners who want to replicate trade ideas.
  • And so basically, the platform does allow you to copy trade, it’s very easy to copy trade once you’re set up.
  • You may send us your request and account details via email from your ZuluTrade registered email address to , and our team will make sure to fulfill it and reply in a timely manner.

Look for consistency in traders – You can learn about a trader’s consistency by viewing their equity curve, which is generally found on their trading profile. This will show their trading performance over a set amount of time . It’s recommended to follow traders who have been successful over longer periods of time. For example, following a trader with a 25% return over twelve months is a far safer option than following a trader with a 25% return over seven days and only a month’s worth of verifiable data. Lower time commitment – Analysing the market takes a long, long time.


If you look at the question from this point of view, then this ZuluTrade Drawdown takes on a different light. It’s obvious that they are trying to protect the majority of the new beginner clients, that statistically, as their first Signal Providers, choose those of this type we just seen, because they are more attractive. Finding the Maximum Drawdown as ZuluTrade does doesn’t mean to have identified the moment when the Signal Provider began to recover his losses.

  • My general point is that the network is very good and functional to sell to others.
  • The easy-to-use software is used by over 12 million traders.
  • Originally, it was simply an outlet for people to find trading signals and use its partner brokers to make trades.
  • In this case, the follower must decide in what proportion he wants to follow the trading orders of the Signal Provider, with clear reference to the Lot Size he uses.
  • And it just means that they’re not holding trades open for long periods of time or it suggests that to me, anyway.

False sense of security – Professional traders don’t lose money, right?! Copy trading encourages a false sense of security, as the inexperienced trader believes that their money is in safe hands and can’t be lost. An example of a poor risk-management technique is assigning 90% of your capital to just one trade. In such a case, imagine the market then moving against your trade position – 90% of your total capital is exposed and at risk of being gone forever.

FP Markets

In the Investing Gold section we treat this topic in depth, in order to give way to reason in the right manner, and understand if and how it’s appropriate to use the trailing stop. For these reasons, in order to properly use the trailing stop, you need a certain level https://scamforex.net/ of in-depth knowledge of the Signal Provider’s strategy. Once inside, you can access the trailing stop function for each transaction by clicking on the corresponding stop loss value. A window will pop up where you can interact in different ways with the stop loss.

  • And if the trade would earn another pip, the stop would move to -48, and so on.
  • It allows traders to witness both success and failure in trading by watching others.
  • If you do, please let me know how you get on in the comments below.
  • In addition, there are video tutorials that explain each step of the process, as well as a blog and discussion forum to provide further information.
  • Along the abscissa axis you can find the time, but this time divided by weeks, while in the ordinates you have the pips.

Zulutrade makes money on every trade that’s made through the platform, as it drives traffic to specific brokers . It also makes money on the subscription you pay, if you sign up for a revenue sharing deal. There is an extensive support area to help you set up an account and start trading. In addition, there are video tutorials that explain each step of the process, as well as a blog and discussion forum to provide further information.

Point C represents the new balance of 600 pips, after the account on ZuluTrade has grossed the losses. It could make sense, in some cases, to open the same operations already opened by a Signal Provider if they were at a loss, maybe very close to their stop. If the trader should close them with a stop loss, you would lose just a few pips.

Women in Crypto 2.0 : Crypto Trading WorkshopWomen in Crypto 2.0 : Crypto Trading Workshop

Besides this, certain rebate providers may not pay on time, or not at all. Zulutrade is a simple to use social and copy trading platform that’s great for beginners. It holds no money itself and is very transparent with the performance of every trader you can copy, which makes it a safe and reliable platform for anyone who’s new to financial trading. However, Zulutrade does offer some features that act as a failsafe in case trades go wrong.

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